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When it is a matter of business and commercial importance, and if it involves two or more business organizations, then export and import, exchange of goods, supply and demand of goods related data and statistics are to be maintained properly.

This is known as the B2B (or business-to-business) concept which mainly involve multiple business transactions between wholesalers and retailers, dealers and distributors, manufacturers and producers, etc.

IT Company India provides the best online solutions for B2B website development while you remain focused on your business.

Services and what it involves:

B2B Portal Development Services:

The concept of business to business transaction requires B2B Portal Development Services where our web development experts create B2B websites/web portals where transactions are limited only to sellers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

Most of these websites are password protected, and you have to register with your seller/distributor/retailer association or platform and submit requisite documents online in order to access such online sites.

Some of the services:

  • Forging partnerships with domestic or international buyer/seller group and providing both marketing and commercial services via such websites.
  • Creating a certain kind of E-Commerce platform between sellers and prospective buyers where the former can be wholesaler/distributor and the latter can be retailer/dealer.
  • The trading of goods and services which earlier used to be a difficult process is now easier with the traders, from both receiving and giving end just following few steps of logging in, selecting the product, adding to their cart, payment, and checking out.
  • Identifying the target audience and the target region and different products have different B2B web portals, for example stationery items have a separate platform from the textile/clothing items.
  • The B2B web platforms act as online markets where traders exchange their goods in lieu of money, or sometimes better goods and products.
  • Overseas transactions are made easier using such trading platforms, where with the help of social media the marketing is done by such web portals.
B2B Web Portal Development Company India
B2B Web Portal Design and Development
B2B Website Development Services India:

The most important factor while designing and developing any B2B website by our expert team qualified in B2B Website Development Services India is System Integration which means that in a single website related to B2B services, there has to be proper integration of the multiple business organization that are involved in the daily transaction of goods and products.

The concept of integration means that every transaction which is taking place, be it monetary or anything else gets recorded in an integrated data system, which makes easier for businesses involved to keep track of all the statistics.

Merits of using B2B portals designed by us:
B2B Website Development company india

When you are using any B2B portal/website , we at IT Company India make sure that you get the best from us, as we are one of the best B2B Website Development company india that not only designs the best website but also designs such a B2B website that has the following advantages

  • Content management system
  • Web hosting
  • Technological support
  • Automation and implementation of business procedures
  • Cost of processing reduces
  • Improved user experience
  • Returns on investment is higher
  • Secure and safe online transactions with less chances of fraud or cheating

Therefore as you think of setting up a B2B portal, you can think of hiring our services as we can assure you of reliability and the best standard of quality.

B2B Website Development company india
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